Benefits of Lemons

Sliced Lemon

Lemon, a citrus fruit when tasted brings a sour expression on your face. Though not absorbed separately, the flavor of lemon is unique from others. It has many types as well – Bonnie Brae, goes in San Diego, USA, Eureka, a common all place lemon, also known as Four season since it has the capacity to produce fruit and flowers together all year long, Femminello St. Teresa, that is located in Italy, Yen Ben, resident of Australia. Be it salads or fruits or chicken or vegetables or fish, lemon could be added in almost everything and bring a better flavor of it. Name one dish whose taste won’t be improved after the addition of lemon inside (with tea as an exception). Lemon is an absolute all-rounder with endless benefits. Apart from its culinary qualities lemon can be used in plenty of things.

Lemon is basically the house of Vitamin C. C is the vitamin that your body needs most. It helps in maintaining the functions of the body and regulates immune system. Lemon also produces juices that are necessary in digestion.

As it also purifies your blood lemon can be utilized during cholera and malaria as therapy.

After a session of exercise, drinking lemon water may replenish body salt. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

Mix lemon juice and honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it daily you will soon notice a loss in your weight.

You may use lemon as a preservative for several things like apples, banana, avocado where the acid in the lemon can prevent them from changing color or turning rancid. Simply apply lemon juice on the chopped parts.

If your rice gets sticky then just add lemon juice and separate them and make them fresh again. Lemon juice also helps maintaining pH levels in the body.

Lemon zest is also quite good for the skin. It lightens skin tones, eliminates scars and pores.

You can use lemon leaves in tea, fishes and other seafood, chicken.

You may use lemon oil for aromatherapy, it will soothe your body and provides relaxation.

Apart from aromatherapy, lemon may be also used to relax your feet. In a bucket take warm water and squeeze lemon in it.

By applying coconut oil mixed with lemon juice you can get rid of dandruff.

The quantity of citric acid found in lemon is more than other fruits like grapefruit and orange. Lemon comprises two times more uric acid than grapefruit and five times greater than orange juice.

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