Did you know this about baking soda?

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Baking soda isn’t only an ingredient you use in your cooking efforts to produce the best chocolate chip cookies. Believe it or not, this thing has a ton of uses in home cleaning, which you will be wise to consider the next time you’re engaged in any such activity. It is an excellent abrasive, which is very effective and gentle enough. Here are some of the uses you should know about:

Remove bad odours from a fridge – if you are concerned that last night’s yummy but smelly fish dish will leave a lasting scent in your fridge, you should know that baking soda is your solution for this issue. It can absorb any unwanted smells in the refrigerator so that they don’t linger indoors and move to other foods in the region. To clean them, you have to wipe with a sponge and the pop. As an alternative, you can remove stains by soaking them in a solution of 4 tablespoons. Baking soda with a quart of warm water. That is a fast and scrub-free method of cleaning plastic containers.
Scrub kitchen surfaces – maintaining kitchen surfaces clean is essential since that is where you prepare your food. You’ll be happy to learn that pretty much every area in there may be cleaned with the aid of baking soda. When you combine it with water, then you can pretty much handle the gunk on stainless steel sinks, cooking utensils, range hood, microwave and other small appliances in addition to countertops. Baking soda sure is quite universal.
Deal with greasy dishes and pans – if your cooking efforts result in a mess; you can quickly deal with the aftermath. Pretty much all you need to dissolve the greasy stains would be a hot water soak of dirty items, a scrub sponge and a baking soda. Well, some elbow grease as well.
Remove musty smell from upholstery – if your soft furnishings have developed an unpleasant musty smell, it is time to banish it using it. Sprinkle a generous quantity of soda on the surfaces and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Then, vacuum up the region. It works like a charm on your mattress too! You can also use it to eliminate strong odours from pet beds, as a safe alternative to any other cleaning solution out there.
Freshen smelly shoes – your gym class shoes might not be the most pleasant thing on earth, but you can still freshen them by sprinkling some pop inside. Tap out any amount of soda before wearing them again, or use the vacuum cleaner.
As you can see, baking soda is quite versatile in cleaning numerous regions of your dwelling. It’s up to you to include this fantastic solution in your cleaning rounds – it’s cheap and eco-friendly!

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