What to feed squirrels

Brown Squirrel on Gray Wooden House on Tree

After all, they’re only squirrels! Very good squirrel nutrition is very important for some very logical reasons. There are those who love to hate squirrels, but squirrels play a very important function in our world. For those who take the time to watch them, squirrels can provide an endless supply of zany behavior that can bring a smile to your face and amaze you with their resolute ability to amuse. Squirrels also play a much larger role in the food chain.

As much as I love squirrels, the harsh fact is that squirrels are in the bottom of the food chain. Other animals are determined by the squirrel to constitute part of the diet. This simple fact is becoming even more critical as more predatory animals expand their range. Today, coyotes have an increasing population in all 88 counties. This puts a huge strain on the bunny and squirrels population, that is felt all the way up the food chain! Limited numbers of game animals, like squirrels and rabbits, will limit the ability of hawks and eagles to thrive.

Good squirrel nutrition translates into good hawk and eagle nutrition. We live in a cause and effect world. If you spray toxins on the floor, rivers become polluted and fish die. Individuals who eat only fast food often develop issues with obesity or cardiovascular disease. The same goes with feeding squirrels. Should you feed them junk food, they don’t stay healthy and they become an unhealthy food for other creatures.

Squirrels are like little children in various ways. They will eat almost anything as long as it tastes great. Just because a squirrel like to eat something doesn’t mean it’s great for them. Neither of these things are natural foods for squirrels unless they happen to live with a corn field or a dairy. Both have very poor nutritional value for squirrels, yet both take a very substantial probability of poisoning the squirrel. When corn or peanuts get wet, they become an ideal medium for growing Aspergillus Flavus, or Aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a carcinogenic, (cancer causing,) mycotoxin that will attack a squirrel’s liver and kill them.

Squirrels are herbivores, which means that their diet should mainly consist of vegetables. To keep squirrels as healthy as possible, they should only eat high quality vegetables, seeds, nuts and small quantities of fruit. When squirrels are from the wild and from people, they will naturally find these items. The problem comes when they rely on humans for the majority of their everyday diet. If humans feed them peanuts and corn only, it’s equivalent to taking them to a fast food restaurant, with the distinct possibility of killing them. It becomes even more of an issue when one person tries to feed them while each of their neighbors continue to feed them junk.

This problem is not insurmountable. There are now companies that focus on Squirrel Nutrition! Some even provide you with easy and free recipes which make food and Squirrel supplements that squirrels really like, yet provide the very important vegetables and nutrients that maintain them tip top health. You simply have to Google “Orlando Animal Removal” to find ways to begin feeding your backyard friends the ideal way!

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